At Phenomenal Events, we realize the importance of quality and excellence in event services.  With our clients’ best interest in mind, we have initiated a Phenomenal Vendor Network that includes only professional event service providers who separate themselves  from the norm and who only administers top notch service.

As our company continues to excel in this growing industry of professionals, we realize the impending need to develop a direct partnership with our vendors that will enhance the level of service that both we and the vendor provide, thus creating an  unforgettable experience for the client.

Phenomenal Events is a full service Event Management Company.  With six divisions, our services include Event and Meeting  Planning, Consulting, and Management.  Our service market includes Corporate industry, Non‐profit and Community organizations, Bridal Events, Special Productions and many other Social Events.  We pride ourselves in bringing the visions of our clients to life.

We are pleased to invite you to join this growing network of professional vendors for FREE by first reviewing our PVN package and  then completing an application.  Because all services secured through Phenomenal Events are a direct reflection of our company, all applications are reviewed and/or screened to ensure all information is accurate, true and aligns with our company mission and service goals.

Becoming a part of this network is sure to be beneficial to your company as it will open doors to many opportunities and  relationships toward the future growth and development of your business.



The Phenomenal Preferred Vendor Network is a resource of vendors that are used in our Phenomenal Event Planning  Process.  This network of vendors assist our Phenomenal Event Planners with perfectly matching vendors needed to fulfill our  client contracts and meeting client financial expectations, toward the production of a phenomenal event.
Phenomenal Events currently has six service divisions therefore we provide event management services to a broad base of  clientele.  Because our service market is so broad we have opened the PVN to all types of vendors including but not limited to  vendors providing any type of event related service; rental equipment; entertainment; venue leasers; floral arrangers; hair,  make‐up and clothing stylists; and more.
The purpose of pre‐soliciting and selecting our Preferred Vendors, is because partnership is powerful and by becoming our  partners you will become part of a rapidly Growing Event Management company; your business will increase because you will  have a professional company marketing your services; you will have the opportunity to develop and/or enhance broader  business relationships with industry professionals across the country via our quarterly networking sessions;  you will have the  opportunity to annually showcase and market your services to numerous potential clients within your region; you’ll have use of  the Phenomenal PVN logo on your website and marketing material to display your partnership with a professional organization;  periodic advertisement on our Phenomenal website; you will receive recognition for your service and annual accomplishments  during our annual Platinum Service Awards and lastly,  why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of all these benefits when the  membership is FREE!
There is no membership fee to join our Phenomenal Vendor Network.
Like any other structured organization, there are some responsibilities, commitments and/or regulations that must be  administered.  As a PVN member, we require at least one  representative of your company to participate in our quarterly  networking sessions; your participation as a show vendor in our annual vendor expo; provide sponsorship for at least one  annual Phenomenal Company event; and pass on at a minimum 7% discount on your services/products to Phenomenal Event  Clients.  Detailed explanations of member requirements are further outlined in the PVN membership package.
Your membership will automatically renew annually unless you or your company officially cancel your  membership.  Membership may also be cancelled by a Phenomenal Events representative for failure to comply with established  network regulations.
We assign clients to vendors using two processes, initially following a budget analysis with the client, the Event Planner  attempts to match Vendors based on the clients budget.  In cases where Vendor prices and services are equally matched, the  Event Planner puts out an open bid for interested Vendors within the network.
All Vendors interested in joining the PVN, should access the Phenomenal Website (www.sophenomenal.com) complete the  application and submit it back to our office for processing using the instructions and contact information provided.
Once your company joins the PVN, you will be listed as a corporate member which entitles you to a maximum of 3 associate  members not including you as the primary contact.
If completed properly and in entirety, generally all applications are processed within 7 to 10 business days (M‐F).  You will  receive an e‐mail notification once your application has been received in our office.
Once your application has been processed, if approved for membership, you will receive your official welcome package to the  primary address listed on your application.