An independent University specializing in event industry related disciplines
Phenomenal Events University
Here you will get quality coaching, education, guidance and exposure to many event relevant experiences that will contribute to your growth and development in the industry.

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The PEU Guarantee

PEU is an independent University that focuses only on event industry related training and certification.  We pride ourselves on helping students expand their creativity, strengthen their event related business management competency and become certified event industry professionals.  To affirm our confidence in our training programs, we guarantee job placement for all successfully certified students at our partnering full service event management firm, Phenomenal Events By Bolden and Company.

Why PEU ?

  • Being certified in the events industry shows credibility. You receive professional credentials at the conclusion of each of our certification programs.
  • PEU prepares you for a career that allows you to be your own boss.
  • We offer a flexible training schedule so you are able to set your own goals and make your own achievement schedule.
  • We assist and coach you through developing a professional image for yourself in the events industry.
  • We have a professional team of seasoned instructors and coaches who are passionate and committed to passing on their knowledge and expertise.
  • Unlike most event related training, we offer live hands on application of what you’ve learned in our certification programs.
  • PEU administers only event related courses which means we are focused and able to maximize each students’ potential of becoming a notably recognized event professional.
  • We don’t assist you with job placement, we GUARANTEE job placement!

Financial Aid

We are happy to offer our in-house financing to students who are passionate about furthering their event industry career.  In addition, PEU partners with other financial institutions and organizations to offer financial aid resources.

PEU Store

PEU offers students the luxury of an online store to include all books supplies and equipment needed for all university offerings.


We take education seriously and are committed to training, coaching and mentoring that is above standard.  And for that reason, we employ the best of the best to develop and deliver our very structured programs.


PEU offers a variety of event related workshops and training.


Keep up with course schedules, breaks and PEU events.


PEU is proud to present our collection of professional certification programs.

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