We have recently realigned work activities to improve work processes, balance workload and attain efficiencies in service delivery to our clients. This realignment follows a recent study completed by our Executive team and outside sources which noted that an alignment of resources along lines of business and client similarities would promote work efficiencies and cost savings. The major change is the alignment of the divisions and hiring under six separate operations. This realignment will be completed in several phases.

We are looking for professional, upbeat and self-motivated individuals who are serious about taking their event planning career to the next level.

Executive Human Resources Director GA 1 Closed
Area Director GA/DC 1/1 Closed
Marketing Director GA/DC 1/1 Closed
Financial Administrator GA/DC 1/1 Closed
Bridal Program Coordinator GA/DC 1/1 Closed
Non-Profit Program Coordinator GA/DC 1/1 Closed
Social Program Coordinator GA/DC 1/1 Closed
Youth Program Coordinator GA/DC 1/1 Closed
Production Program Coordinator GA/DC 1/1 Closed
Meeting Planner GA/DC 5/5 Closed
Wedding Planner GA/DC 5/5 Closed
Event Planner GA/DC 5/5 Closed
Party Planner GA/DC 5/5 Closed


We are continually seeking reputable vendors to join our Phenomenal Preferred Vendor Network, (PVN). Visit our PVN page for network details and opportunities.