For over a decade we have committed ourselves to studying the meeting, wedding and event industry and continually upgrade our services and products to align with current industry standard and trends. We network with top quality vendors to obtain the best service for the best price for our clients.

Why Choose Us

Our attention to detail, creativity and professionalism is what sets us apart from other event management companies. We have a high standard and commitment to nothing but phenomenal-ness. We believe in educating our customers which creates an atmosphere of empowerment and a harmonious business relationship. We are a company with a big heart. We cherish our clients and staff

Our Methods

Unlike other Event Management companies, we afford our Event planners the opportunity to develop and grow within the company thus creating an atmosphere of success and motivation. Our planning process is carefully monitored and implemented by trained and qualified professionals. We routinely survey our clients for ways to improve our services and products. With your feedback we are committed to continued improvement.